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Susan Simms


Contact us

Call: 530 877 7203

Text: 530 717 9675

Home Office

814 Roe Rd

Paradise CA 95969

Days and hours

Mon -Fri

10am -6pm


Hours Vary by Appointment

We accept Donations for :

Wedding dresses which will be turned into angel Gowns, when donating a wedding dress please put your name and address with a short history of the dress, this way we can thank you and hospitals know who is donating also.

Prom Dresses will be altered and given to young ladies who are on low income or can not afford to buy a dress, these can also be a mix and mach for the girls who would like a different style look and comfort.

Vintage Dresses will also be altered for fashion as the younger generation like some thing old but yet some thing mew and hip.

Due to the Campfire we are also accepting sewing machines to bring back our sewing community, all we ask is that the machine is in good working order to go to many of our sewing students, especially the kids, we have a number of young students who have been taught to sew and they have lost every thing , between myself and The Red Wagon where the student go to sew we have a total of about 23 students ages range from 9yrs to 17yrs and their skills range from beginner to immediate.

We have a number of younger ladies who are in their 20's and 30's who also were learning to sew and they also have lost every thing.

Our main Goal for this donation is to KEEP SEWING ALIVE in Paradise CA.

Please, if donating sewing machines please put your name and address so you can be thanked for your donation and receive a receipt.